Skilled Worker

Skilled Worker

Most people applying for immigration to Canada apply as a Skilled Worker. Even some people who qualify in one of the other categories may do a Skilled Worker application for various reasons. It is called Skilled Worker because the applicants are expected to have significant education and work experience as well as be fluent in at least one of Canada's official languages.

In 2008 the government added three prerequisites to the Skilled Worker application process. Now you must meet at least one of the three prerequisites before they will even bother to process your application.

There are some Provincial Nomination Programs with different requirements. You may meet the requirements of one of these even if you do not meet the federal requirements. The provincial requirements change without notice. See PNP for more information.

Note that a Skilled Worker application MUST include all of the applicant's immediate family: spouse or common-law partner, and all their dependent children. It does not include parents, or brothers and sisters.

Assessment Questionnaire

Please complete that questionnaire below as completely as possible. Aside from the contact information, everything is needed to assess your qualifications for a Skilled Worker application and the prerequisites. All information is held in confidence and destroyed if not used within two years.

Downlad the questionnaire

Please save the questionnaire, then fill it out and e-mail the completed form back to us.