Self Employed is an interesting and little known category. It is limited to applicants who have the intention and ability to be self employed in Canada in cultural activities or athletics, or the purchase and management of a farm. Ability includes financial ability.

Cultural activities include artists of many sorts, from fine arts to performance art, to TV, to interior design, to..... For example, music teachers, painters, illustrators, film makers, freelance journalists. It also includes careers in related services such as voice coach, musical instrument makers, tool makers, set designers, producers, choreographer, camera operators, theatrical or musical directors, impresarios etc. The quality of work should be at a high level.

Similarly for athletics. You can be an athlete, or in a related service such as coach, trainer, sports physiotherapist, equipment maker, judge, etc. The quality of work should be at a high level.

In both of the above the more widely known you are nationally and/or internationally the better.

A farmer must be able to show farm management experience and the ability to purchase a viable farm.

Assessment Questionnaire

The following questionnaire is intended to provide only the information necessary to determine if you qualify as Self-Employed, and your contact information. Please complete and submit the questionnaire and we will review the information and send you our assessment of your qualifications. All information is held in confidence and destroyed if not used within two years.

Download the questionnaire

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