One of the most important parts of Canadian immigration law and policy is family reconciliation. The government gives the highest priority to applications sponsoring a spouse, common-law or Conjugal Partner*. If you are sponsoring a spouse or partner who has dependent children, their dependent children are included in the application.

Please note that the sponsor is exempt from meeting the minimum income requirement and that the applicant is exempt from meeting the excessive cost medical requirement. A Canadian may be anywhere in the world when sponsoring, a Canadian Permanent Resident must be in Canada when sponsoring.

Assessment Questionnaire

Please complete the questionnaire below and submit it. We will review the sponsor's and applicant's qualifications and get back to you with our assessment.

Both the applicant (the foreigner being sponsored) and the sponsor (Canadian or Canadian Permanent Resident), must meet certain requirements and these questions are required to determine if both meet these requirements. In addition we ask for some contact information. If you cannot answer a question please provide what information you can and provide an explanation at the end of the questionnaire. All information is held in confidence and destroyed if not used within two years.

Downlad the questionnaire

Please save the questionnaire, then fill it out and e-mail the completed form back to us.

*Notes: The definition of common-law is the Canadian definition (have lived together in a conjugal relationship for at least one year). The law of the place where you lived together is not relevant and the one year of living together does not need to be in one place or even one country. The term Conjugal Partner was invented by Canadian Immigration to describe a couple whose relationship is at least a year but for significant reasons the couple has not been able to get married or meet the common-law definition.