The Investor category is designed to encourage those with capital and business experience to come to Canada. The idea is that you will use your experience to make investments in Canada that will improve the Canadian economy and the living standard of all Canadians.

You must have a legally obtained net worth of at least CDN$800,000 and intend to invest in Canada. You must prove your experience in a “qualifying business”. You must also meet the minimum number of points required under the point system.

As part of your application you must invest CDN$400,000 in an approved fund for 5 years. This may be done directly or you may pay a financial agency a fee to do this on your behalf. The financial agency will usually provide some assistance on your immigration application to you and your representative. Note that your immigration representative is given a commission by the financial agency.

There are some Provincial Nomination Programs with different requirements. You may meet the requirements of one of these even if you do not meet the federal requirements. The provincial requirements change without notice. See PNP for more information.

Assessment Questionnaire

For confidentiality reasons you do not need to identify yourself or the company or companies whose information is requested in the assessment questionnaire. However, in the actual application you will have to prove the information that the government requires. All assessment information will be held in confidence and destroyed after two years if not used in an application.

Downlad the questionnaire

Please save the questionnaire, then fill it out and e-mail the completed form back to us.