This category is for hands on business persons who will own and actively manage a business or businesses in Canada that contribute to the Canadian economy and create jobs in Canada.

You must show ownership and active management of a qualifying business, have a legally obtained net worth of at least CDN$300,000 and meet the point system requirements.

You must agree to actively manage and control at least one third of a qualifying Canadian business that creates at least one full time job for Canadians or Canadian Permanent Residents other than your family members. This must be done for at least one full year within three years of becoming a Canadian Permanent Resident. If you fail to meet these conditions the permanent residence status of you and all of your family will be revoked.

Assessment Questionnaire

For confidentiality reasons you do not need to identify yourself or the company or companies whose information is requested in the assessment questionnaire. However, in the actual application you will have to prove the information that the government requires. All assessment information will be held in confidence and destroyed after two years if not used in an application.

Download the questionnaire

Please save the questionnaire, then fill it out and e-mail the completed form back to us.